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Antonia & Adrian

There's something about a winter wedding that's kind of magical - a bringing together of people into the warmth of a special celebration.

Wedding Photography: Aaron Tommasi

Antonia and Adrian had the most fantastic winter wedding, they knew they didn't want anything that may hint of christmas but still wanted an elegant design that reflected their day in December at the beautiful venue of Stroke Place.

Here's what they thought in their own words:

"Debbie was fantastic to work with from start to finish. I had never gone through a design process before so was a bit apprehensive about how everything would work, but Debbie explained all aspects of the process and really put me at ease. She also brought her experience to the table when it came to planning the timing for issuing invitations and worked the design timetable backwards from there. In terms of the design itself I only had a few very high level ideas but they were more things that we didn't want rather than what we not very helpful!! Debbie started by asking what we liked in general, asked about the style and venue for the wedding and also the colour scheme, and then somehow turned my garbled explanations into a fabulously elegant series of stationary that we loved!! I would highly recommend her to everyone, an incredibly talented lady who is a pleasure to work with."

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