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My name is Debbie and I'm the person behind the scenes designing and making all the things for The Dimpse. I work from home in my little studio in West Sussex, where everything is handmade to order.

The Dimpse was founded in 2015 after I had my son, and I wanted a more flexible life/work balance - when I've figured that out I'll let you know!


Dimpse is an old Devonish word meaning twilight, which is my favourite time of day, when the line blurs between day and night and anything seems possible. It also sounds a bit like dimples which was (and still is!) my sisters nickname for me - check 'em out in the pic.


I've worked as a graphic designer for over 20 years (ouch, where did that time go?!) in-house and for agencies, for brands big and small and now working for myself - which means I get to directly work with you, and that's lovely.

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